Horton Features

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Horton's Intellipex i4G electrical system features an enhanced 7" LCD touch screen, with custom programming capabilities. For control that you can depend on, i4G also features eight "mission critical" buttons on the sides of the touch screen. These tactile buttons give you control over the most basic functions, allowing the ambulance to operate in the unlikely event of a screen failure. With the Intelliplex i4G electrical system you also have the option of Horton Connect. Horton Connect is a package providing complete connectivity for Horton customers. Featuring a wireless module, mobile app and cloud-based Command Center, Horton Connect interacts seamlessly to keep you connected to your ambulance at all times.

Extruded Aluminum Body and Aluminum Cabinetry

The Horton body is entirely born out of aluminum extrusions. Aluminum extrusions provide the most significant strength in the structure of an emergency vehicle body available today, much the same as commercial aircraft. Each extrusion is engineered for a specific purpose. When all of the extrusions are welded together they form an extremely strong structural foundation for the body, while providing weight savings to the customer who often desires the maximum payload possible for personnel and lifesaving equipment. The Horton body incorporates the use of extrusions in the roof rails, floor joists, corner posts and wall supports. The 'skins' of the body are thick .125" aluminum sheets and all interior cabinetry is formed out of .090" aluminum sheet. Yet, the body is not dependent on these sheets for strength. Coupled with the extensive use of 'wye' gussets and side intrusion beams, the Horton body provides superior occupant protection in the event of a vehicle crash. The Horton body, built with this rugged extruded foundation, will offer many more years of rattle free duty than any other emergency vehicle built today.

Solid Door Construction

The Horton body features the renowned Horton door construction. Perhaps because the doors are one of the most visible and tangible features of the Horton body. The Horton doors stand out because they look and feel heavy. Yet, they are finished with a smooth outer skin and incorporate flush fitting door panels and automotive door handles. The corner stone of the Horton door is the extruded aluminum frame with inserted corner keys which are machined to a precise fit and lock each extrusion together. Combined with an internal intrusion beam, the Horton door provides an additional degree of occupant protection not seen in other brands. When the Horton door swings to shut and closes it leaves a permanent impression with the user. An impression of strength, integrity, reliability and safety.


Horton leads the industry in safety innovations, most notably providing the first and only standard occupant rollover protection system, HOPS. The Horton Occupant Protection System is a fully-tested system that combines advanced restraints, multi-density head protection, tubular airbags and head curtain airbags to protect attendants in a side impact rollover collision.

Perhaps one of the most avoidable ambulance accidents involves backing the vehicle into an unseen object. It's especially easy to achieve when technicians are responding to a unique and unknown location. To improve maneuverability, and ultimately safety, Horton offers reverse proximity sensors on all ambulance models. Located in the rear bumper, Horton's reverse proximity sensors monitor your ambulance's distance from surrounding objects. If your rig gets too close, the sensors will activate an audible alarm to warn the driver.


Providing the next level of interior protection for your ambulance, CG-Tech is a Horton exclusive alternative to Formica. Paired with CG-Tech, Carbon Fiber/Kevlar panels offer one of the most unique ambulance interior options available.

Horton's high-quality interiors are complemented by the safety and maintenance benefits of radius-corner trim and counters. Smooth edges eliminate corners and lips that potentially collect dirt and debris. Horton trim is designed with a unique maintenance-friendly removable cap. With a simple Horton tool, this cap can be easily detached for replacement or service.


Max Cool provides an effective cooling system with two 6500 CFM fans and two 32,000 BTU cooling coils. Uniform airflow is achieved through dual-location fans, resulting in a cool experience in all parts of the ambulance module.

Cool-Tech II

Boasting a 100,000 BTU cooling condenser capacity, Horton's Cool-Tech II can complete a full module cool down in less than nine minutes. Several Cool-Tech II features interact to provide the best in maintenance and performance including four unit "smart fans," energy-efficient solar panels, performance monitors, and system pressure control. Best yet, the Cool-Tech II operates out of a recessed pocket on the top of the module, offering both style and function.