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Since 1968, Horton Emergency Vehicles has been the product innovator, technology leader and quality manufacturer in the ambulance industry. Many of today's ambulance standards were originally developed by Horton.

Horton Emergency Vehicles was one of the true pioneers among van ambulance builders of the late 1960s. As the industry evolved, the company led the development of the original heart monitor units that were later to become paramedic ambulances.

Premier Specialty Vehicles is proud to be the Upper Midwest dealer for Horton Emergency Vehicles, knowing that we have a product that stands out from our competition. As a Horton representative, we know we will not sell ambulances to everyone, but we do know that buyers who seek a product of solid construction, long-term durability and peace of mind will buy Horton. Every ambulance looks nice when it's new, but true quality shines through after the vehicle has been in service for several years, with doors that feel solid and are easy to open and close, cabinet walls that do not squeak and rattle, and electrical systems that continue to operate as designed. Horton is a vehicle that continues to do what it is designed to do, year after year.
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Type I

Widely recognized as the "workhorse" of the Fire/EMS world, Horton's Type I ambulance offers all the added benefits of a truck chassis. Applicable for both large city fleets and small rural areas, Type I vehicles provide dependable support and optional rugged four-wheel drive power.

Type III

With the comfort of a car-like ride and a tight turning radius, the Type III remains a popular choice in today's market. These van cutaway chassis offer a variety of headroom options and the ability to modify to suit your needs. And choice is not limited to just the exterior, as each model offers numerous compartment and cabinet configurations, from standard designs to fully customized creations.